To promote sustainable development, efficient management of natural resources, and environmental protection through institutional strengthening, consultancy aid, training workshops, fund-raising for environmental projects, and the facilitation of information exchanges between all levels of government, NGOs, private and state run companies, academia, and the general public, in order to foster democratic decision-making.

A bit of history

1992 marked the beginning of two environmental projects in Bulgaria financed by the US Government - the Environmental Action Plan Development Project in the community of Troyan and the Environmental Training Project. In the four years since these projects began, Elena Petkova, Project Co-ordinator, has built a team that is well aware of what needs to be done and is able to work continually on behalf of Bulgaria's environment.

As a result of these previous activities, in early 1994 the team came up with the idea to establish a Bulgarian not-for-profit, non-governmental organization to work on issues related to sustainable development. It was decided that the organization be called "TIME", abbreviated from This Is My Environment.

Intervention strategies

The projects we work on

Contact person:
Boryana Hrissimova
Project co-ordinator
3, Vazrazhdane Blvd., Floor 3, Apt. 15, Sofia 1303
tel/fax: (359 2) 980-8201 or 980-9007
e-mail: time@sf.icn.bg